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Dual studies, internships and traineeships in rob-tech provide an opportunity to enrich the academic knowledge with real technical skills required in the labour market. Work on innovative projects for the world’s largest producers and gain skills in automation and robotics under the supervision of experienced professionals!

Dual studies

We are proud to announce that rob-tech became a partner of innovative project of DUAL STUDIES at Poznan University of Technology!

The pioneering offer of integrated studies at the Poznan University of Technology in the field of “Automation and Robotics” and “Mechanical engineering” is a huge opportunity and the possibility of development for young students of design, implementation and control of cutting-edge industrial technologies.The dual studies enable the students to combine the higher technical education with the work for the best Poznan companies specializing in automation and robotics.

Attractive salary, opportunities to improve foreign language skills and acquire professional qualifications during the studies is a perfect start to a great career of every young specialist!

Join us and work on projects for the world’s largest manufacturers, gain experience and learn from the best specialists of rob-tech!


Gain valuable experience and professional qualifications while studying!


Gain valuable experience and professional qualifications while studying! Our internships and traineeships are offered to students of technical faculties, who want to gain experience and practical knowledge while working on innovative projects.

You will learn new skills and competences in a friendly atmosphere of our professional team. We offer flexible working time adapted to the timetable of your studies and continuous improvement of your qualification in challenging tasks adapted to the stage of your studies.